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The comfort of your guests is paramount in your Airbnb interior design. That is why your Airbnb interior design is one of the most important steps in getting your property ready. Below are a few minimalist Airbnb design ideas and tips that will provide maximum impact for every guest. 

Minimal, Not Boring

Some may think that minimal means drab and boring, but you can still have style and flair without being over-the-top. Avoid painting everything white and choosing furniture and accents with barely any color or details. White can become dull more quickly, which can be a turn-off for your tenants. A little color can go a long way, especially in a neutral room. A pop of color on pillows or wall art is subtle and won’t appear garish or gaudy. 

Durable But Stylish

Airbnb interior design

Since rentals will see more traffic, investing in durable furniture is the best way to save you money in the long run. High-quality, durable furniture in neutral colors will make it easy to accessorize and change your decor over time. You will only need to change out the accents if the basic pieces are in good shape. Another way to jazz up neutral, durable furniture is to avoid sets. By mixing and matching pieces, you are keeping to the minimalistic Airbnb interior design, while adding a dynamic element for the eye.

Minimal Patterns

Too many wild patterns can be overwhelming. Choose one or two subtle patterns, or stick with one bold one to accent certain spots without creating a chaotic atmosphere. Your guests want to feel cozy and calm, not anxious. You may also want to go for textures instead of patterns. Incorporating different materials and fabrics creates depth and a dynamic design without adding too much to distract the eye.

Airbnb interior design

Perfect Lighting

Lighting can make a huge impact on any space, and your choices in both brightness and fixtures can add to the minimal yet comfortable decor in your space. Dimmers are a great choice, giving guests control over how much light they need at any given time. Simple lamps and fixtures not only provide a light source but can also accent your decor. Choose classic, sleek designs that are versatile even if you change out other components of your Airbnb interior design. 

60-30-10 Rule

Have you heard of the 60-30-10 rule of interior design? This standard helps you select your color palette and how much of each should be in a room. Your main color should be 60% (walls, rugs, sofas, rugs, curtains), a secondary color is 30% and should be a little richer than the main one (floor, accent walls), and an accent color is 10% (pillows, blankets, art), which should be more vibrant. Sticking to this rule helps balance the space, especially if you are concerned about creating a design that is too busy or bright. 

Furniture Necessities

Airbnb interior design

When designing a minimalist look, make sure to select furniture that you absolutely need in each space and avoid extra pieces that will only clutter the room. Ample seating is key in a living room, making a roomy couch with comfortable cushions and pillows a necessity. A spacious coffee table with enough surface area for guests to place their drinks, books, and more adds convenience. Area rugs in each room where there is hardwood will add warmth and also lessen the sounds of footsteps. Don’t forget television stands and shelving for games, books, DVDs, game systems, and more. 

In bedrooms, opt for solid, yet simple bed designs as well as dressers, nightstands, and a bookshelf. Don’t forget lamps for late-night reading! These basics ensure guests feel at home and have what they need for organizing their stay. 

Creating Unforgettable Spaces: Airbnb Interior Design

The key to a minimalist approach is to stick to what you need and consider the “less is more” aesthetic. Everything in your space should have a purpose while also creating a cozy, clean, stylish living space with your Airbnb interior design. 

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