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How to Furnish Your Rental for Success

When people choose your vacation rental for their getaway, they want a cozy, comfortable place to call home while they are far away from their own place. One of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere is to furnish every room with care. Take a look at a few ideas for taking your vacation property up a notch. 

Eye-Catching Location

An attractive rental can increase your revenue, especially if appeal is coupled with comfort. What can you do to make your space eye-catching? One idea is to add themed rooms. For homes near attractions or in a particular climate, consider adding decor that compliments your location. For example, a rental in a tropical climate should have bright colors and a beachy feel while a cabin in the mountains should sport rustic decor, natural woods, and warm colors.

Details matter but don’t go overboard. Remove personal items and avoid too many trinkets. Instead choose artwork for the walls that can appeal to an array of tastes, such as subtle florals and soothing landscapes. Decor pieces can also stay on theme, with nautical designs in a beach house and mountain themes for a rustic cabin.

Another way to jazz up a vacation home to make it memorable for guests is to add special rooms, such as a game room complete with pool table, board games, television and videogame systems, foosball table, and more. Not only does this give travelers something to do in their downtime, but it’s great for entertaining and for family bonding.

Social media is huge and for many property owners, it is a way to connect with potential renters. Social media is also a great way for your guests to share their experience and attract friends and connections to your location. Just think about the beautiful photos that will feature your well-planned decor and entice new guests!


Your rental is your travelers home away from home, which means optimal comfort is vital. Select quality furniture that provides support as well as a cozy place to relax. Consider the fabrics on upholstered pieces and opt for soft material that is also easy to clean and keep looking fresh. Know your guests. If you are opening your property to families, make sure pieces are sturdy and safe, and avoid anything that can be easily damaged, such as glass top tables.

Linens provided should also be lush and inviting, adding a touch of luxury during their stay. As for colors, warm welcoming tones create a comfy atmosphere. Kitchens and common areas benefit from soft neutrals but a pop of color is also nice as long as it’s not too jarring, like a soothing sage green. 


Even if guests plan on seeing the sights and sounds in your area, they will need some of the necessities and amenities they have come to expect in a home. Since smart devices are so vital nowadays, having a reliable WiFi setup is key. Make it easy too; ensure your connections are strong and passwords easy to remember. 

Also guarantee that necessities such as bed sheets, towels, linens, utensils, appliances, alarm clocks, and even remote controls are all situated in convenient, logical places that are easy to access for everyday use. The last thing guests want on vacation is to feel frustrated. 

Don’t forget about storage! When guests book for a week or more, they may want to unpack, but if there are no empty closets or furniture with drawers for them, they will struggle to settle in and feel at home.

Finally, think about lighting. Make sure areas like hallways and kitchens have ample illumination so guests can move about with ease. In bedrooms and living areas, dimmers are great for creating ambiance and giving tenants an option with how bright or how subtle they want their lights. Place lamps on end tables near beds and couches for reading. 

If you want to create an attractive, enjoyable rental property that your guests will love, comfort and practicality are essential. Not only will they return on their next visit, but they will share their positive experience and spread the word about your gorgeous location. 

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